About us

About Us

As the country’s leading porcelain manufacturer, we meet the industry’s highest standards. Our commitment to our customers remains the same: to create quality products that people and businesses can believe in and trust.


About 30 years ago, our founder began his ambitious journey towards producing high-quality ceramics. The name ILVA became synonymous with design, innovative and cutting-edge technology. It was the idea of ​​the mother of one of the founders, ILVA was her first name. His spirit embodies the heart of the company, which is focused on excellence. ILVA aims to offer porcelain tiles of the highest quality at the most competitive prices. As a native of the Veneto region (Italy), our founder was linked to the porcelain industry for more than 40 years. The second generation runs the business, their deep knowledge and experience are what make ILVA porcelain stoneware unique.

ILVA porcelain tiles are meticulously created to offer a matrix of design possibilities. Our product line includes natural stone, aged wood and modern concrete, clad in endless combinations for interior, exterior and high traffic areas. The raw materials used in each ILVA porcelain stoneware, mostly from Italy and Spain, are carefully selected to achieve the best quality.


Our production processes start with the most delicate raw materials. We transform clay and other minerals into beautiful ILVA porcelain tiles, using the latest technologies and machinery. The design of our manufacturing plant allows ILVA to produce a wide range of porcelain tiles that lead current trends. At ILVA we place great emphasis on research and development to create our products with care.

The formulation of our ILVA porcelain tiles puts us above other manufacturers. We use exclusive, very pure and high quality clays, which contain important minerals that allow us to acquire our exceptional resistance. The process is carefully controlled to prevent external contaminants from interfering with the integrity of our porcelain tiles.

Through the body of ILVA porcelain, color penetrates entirely, leading to uninterrupted color and characteristic surface patterns throughout the body. ILVA porcelain tiles withstand harsh conditions and last a long time.

We have a digital decoration process. This technology allows us to decorate a structured surface, with the best image quality in the industry.


Security and Sustainability

Having secure facilities is a very important factor in our success. At ILVA we work carefully on the quality of its products, taking care of the environment and the safety of all our collaborators. These attentions allowed ILVA to certify its systems and products.

We are motivated with the mission of caring for the environment. For this reason, we create a paste for certain ranges of products.

Eco Pasta is an eco-sustainable product that reuses all the plant’s production waste and recovers industrial water without giving up being a porcelain tile with ILVA quality.

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